A Primer about Equipment Used for Skiing

Nov 18, 2019 Sport
man skiing on land

It is a well-known fact that skiing is becoming a very popular sport that even people from tropical and hot-climate countries are visiting snow-capped countries and mountainous regions of the world just to ski or at least learn skiing.

The popularity of skiing has become phenomenal that the activity, which used to be a hunting and transportation or mobility activity is now considered a sporting event.

The Winter Olympics in the 19th century started including skiing as one of the challenging and most-watched events in the sports convention.

Some people ski for the purpose of quenching their thirst for recreation and luxurious hobbies. The affluent people around the world spend millions of dollars to get into and hook into skiing either as a sport or as a not-so-simple recreational activity.

Getting into skiing would always be considered a significant investment. That is because one person would have to spend money not just in learning or expert training skiing but also for the equipment used for skiing.


The equipment for skiing make up most of the investment a person must have before finally tracking the down hill slope of skiing.

There are various equipment and apparel needed in skiing, that because if is a dangerous and tedious activity, it would be impossible and not advisable to proceed without first completing all the skiing equipment in hand.

Otherwise, the life of the skier would certainly be put at risk because all of the skiing equipment can never perform well and carry out its uses and functions without the significant others. Each skiing equipment complement the other skiing equipment.

The following are some of the most widely used and common, or necessary, equipment one must have before skiing.

The ski

The ski is a flat device that is long and always worn on the feet. This is the most basic among all the equipment used for skiing, because this facilitates the gliding and sliding motion.

Skis enable the skier to glide on snow and travel distances on the application of downward pressure. The friction made between the snow and the ski also creates heat and melts the contacting snow to create a small layer or melted water where the ski effectively and rapidly glides.

Ski boots

Ski boots are the recommended footwear that should be worn when skiing. This equipment, or more appropriately, apparel, is made up of pure leather with thick soles so the ski can be effectively and firmly tied and binded to them.

Ski poles

Ski poles are those equipment held by skiers on both hands while gliding. Ski poles help improve skier’s speed, acceleration, and most importantly, balance.

These equipment must have probably evolved or taken out from the concept of walking sticks that are carries especially by elder people when traveling.

Ski suit

The ski suit is the outermost garment worn by skiers when skiing. It is practical and logical not to wear ordinary clothes when going skiing because ordinary clothes can never protect you from the excruciating cold in the open space while skiing.

Ski suits are made up of special materials that would make it possible to keep the temperature of the body at optimum levels while skiing.

Wrapping up

Skiing is a very challenging and hard sports, hobby or, simply put, activity. That is why, having the proper equipment and apparel before finally starting to ski is imperative and overly recommended.

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