Pipe unclogging: good practices

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Pipe unclogging: have a good reflex

Unclogging a pipe requires rigour and good physical condition. The individual must then try to detect the source of the unblocking and reach the object in question if it is a sink or a pipe. But to avoid making things worse, it is better to adopt the right gestures and techniques adapted to each context. The point.

Pipe unclogging: have a good reflex

A clogged shower or bathtub does not allow a user to fully enjoy their bath. In fact, it would be almost impossible to bathe in such conditions. It should also be noted that the consequences can directly impact the hygiene of the bathroom since the water will stagnate on the surface. Worst of all, imagine that the toilet is clogged and the odours can be unpleasant. To remedy this, it is necessary to have a good reflex and to stop using the equipment concerned before going to the pipe unclogging . Then, you can always try to reach the objects that are clogging the pipe or its piping, provided of course that it is your shower, sink and washbasin as well as your bathtub. Because for the toilet and WC, the techniques can be complex. For example, you can use washing-up liquid to let the water go down the drain or you can carry out a water leakage search long beforehand. It can also be practical to use hot water to degrease the pipe, it often works every time. But in the opposite case, it is better to use a more orthodox method, that of using a wire hanger. You remove the cover from the pipe and then use the small hook at the end of the wire hanger to remove the material and residue that clogs the pipe. Hot water is then poured into the pipe. video pipe inspection remains a fairly effective option. With this technology it is possible to get an overview of what is going on inside the pipe. However, this can only be done in the presence of a sanitation specialist. On the other hand, calling in a plumber when you live in the heart of Toulouse also remains an obligatory step in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the intervention. In addition to these techniques, you can also use a wet air vacuum cleaner in the pipe as well as snake drainage using a drain auger.
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