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Whether you’re single at 30 or a fresh divorcee looking for some company, adult online dating is the latest “in” thing in the social world. No more worries about finding yourself a sensitive date. They’re right at your doorstep, or in this case, right in front of your computer screen. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can have men (or women) waiting in line for your “Yes.”

Most of these adult online dating services require their members to be at least eighteen years of age.

Members generally are looking for casual and one-time affairs or long-term relationships with compatible sex partners. While traditional online dating sites simply match a person to a possibly compatible date, adult dating services online can also include matches for individuals who’d like to join sex groups, or for meeting transsexuals.

With adult dating services, one can explore his/her sexual desires and interests. It’s also a good way for exploring one’s sexuality as there are groups allowing multiple sex partners. It also became a venue for Cybersex and casual, “harmless” encounters and affairs.

Members usually post their sexual preferences, appearance, location, and even semi-nude or nude photos. Some sites even have webcams where users can meet online instead of meeting in person.

Popular sites to check out are: Known as the largest sex and swinger personals site, this is the place to check out the photos and profiles of its 24 million members. They also provide links to sites that offer quirky sexual encounters. allows its users to explore sites designed for casual sex encounters, for meeting singles or other couples in shared encounters, and many other dating and sex interests.

Other popular sites would include, and

Subscribers usually fill out their personal profile and can post pictures and/or an ad.

Other users can send messages to any of the members and enjoy the wide-variety of services these sites offer – from chatting to group discussions to virtual and personal encounters, and even cybersex.

Some of these sites can be accessed for free, while others require a subscription or membership fee, which allows access to more information like email address and more photos.

These adult dating services online seem to be too good and too perfect for any single looking for some excitement in the bedroom or in the chat room. And while some members may be telling the truth in their profiles, some aren’t. A word of caution, don’t be fooled. Anyone can still lie about their age, their “measurements” and appearances. Others can post edited photos that don’t really match up to the “real thing”. And while others may be on the look-out for quirky sexual adventures, others may border on the perverse.

Be cautious and use your common sense.

Don’t give out all information, especially your exact location and full name. If you’re meeting in person, it is still best to have a companion who can watch your back for you or meet in a public place, like the mall.

Others may have found their perfect sexual partners, while others may have enjoyed a casual one-time affair through these adult dating online services. There are those who ended up married to each other. But whether or not it’s for a short-time or a long-time thing, adult dating services are gaining popularity among a wide number of singles in the world. No more Friday nights alone.

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