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gold buyback is a growing field. Some online jewelry stores can offer you this kind of transaction, without requiring you to be a professional in the field. It is a transaction that is as advantageous for buyers as it is for sellers.

What gold accessory to sell?

Jewelry stores specializing in gold can take back any accessory: ingot, dust, nuggets, or gold jewelry. It can be white or yellow gold, and of course at different prices. The value of the jewels varies according to their condition, but also according to their carats. The market currently offers 13 to 47 euros per gram of gold for accessories between 9 and 44 carats. In addition, there is the value of the stones, if any, and a small bonus for jewellery in good condition.

Why do jewellers buy gold?

It is the establishments specialising in second-hand jewellery that offer a gold buyback. They are looking for specific and rare pieces for their high-end customers and collectors. This is what pushes them to keep the same style of cutting during the repair and renovation of accessories.
This is essentially a business transaction. They buy back the jewellery and ingots at a good price and also resell them with some profit and counting the labour involved in renovating the pieces.
Then it's just another way to keep the economy going. The trend today is to sell and buy back used parts.

Why sell your gold jewelry?

Offering your jewellery for a gold repurchase gold can also give you some advantages. Firstly, it is a much faster and more profitable operation than credits if you need liquidity. And at least you won't have to go into debt and risk over-indebtedness. Not to mention the fact that it's a transaction that's open to anyone. No matter the condition of your gold jewellery, you can sell it. Of course, good opportunities that require little repair will sell for more.
How bying gold in France?


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